Birthday Mommy

On Wednesday 25 January, I turned 33. I like the number 25 and I’m really glad I was born in January. It meant that my mom could convince the powers that be, back in the early eighties, that I was ready for Sub A at the age of five because I would practically be 6 for the entire year. This in turn meant that I had an “extra” year after high school, the way I see it, which I personally think is great.

Actually celebrating one’s birthday in January, however, can be a bit shite. Who feels like planning a party right after the hectic chaos of the Christmas holidays? Everyone’s feeling fat, vowing never to drink again and pretty much flat broke, counting the days till pay-day. When I first started working (and actually well into my career, I’m afraid), I had almost always spent my entire salary WAY before pay-day on 25 January, so I could never plan birthday drinks the weekend before my birthday. No doubt most of my mates would’ve been in the same position and no-one would’ve rocked up anyway.

This year, the thought of dealing with guest lists, party planning and chasing after RSVP’s was more than I could bear so I figured that, at the last minute, I’d say “hey, anyone who’s free and keen, come and join me for birthday drinks.” And, honestly, besides my huge 30th birthday bash, it was one of my favourite birthday gatherings. Someone suggested the Fire & Ice Hotel in Melrose Arch. I’ve literally been either pregnant or mommying a young baby since the day the place opened so I’ve never set foot inside, but oh my greatness, what a fabulous bar and outside drinks area! There was a 150-person function going on at the same time, so we were treated to a DJ and a rather annoying super, sexy Vanessa Mae-esque violinist in hot pants. Rather annoying to the girls, that is. To the guys – just fab, I’m sure. From our particular vantage point, her head was being chopped off by an umbrella, so we could only see these really, really long, (and yes, really, really hot) legs and this tiny teeny pair of hot pants. But that is besides the point – the point is, the vibe was great, the venue was amazing – I highly recommend it.

The fact that the drinks start time was 6:30pm was also a treat – I would never, normally arrange any evening plans before 7:30 because 5pm to 7pm is non-negotiable Princess Time: supper; play; bath; play; “read” (for 2 seconds before she attempts to destroy the book); bed time. So meeting up at 6:30 made me feel like I was still a sophisticated career girl, flying in from the office for post work drinks in her super sexy heels and ultra chic. Sigh. I remember those days fondly…

OBVIOUSLY I wouldn’t trade being told “Natalie, we need to work on your visibility management” (Seriously? Visibility manage my butt!) with the freedom to do my own thing and be with The Princess whenever I want. I totally realise how lucky I am to have the option to work or not. But I do miss the clothes 🙂 I still have an entire cupboardful of suits and shirts that I just can’t bring myself to turf…

Anyway, so had a fabulous birthday, celebrating the very arbitrary age of 33: an impromptu breakfast with The Husband & The Princess at Tashas, a lovely lunch with two mommy friends AND The Husband who took time off work to come and talk baby with us, followed by said drinks with a handful of friends. I vowed I would not throw name that evening and would act like the mature adult I am supposed to be at the age of 33. And I actually achieved that goal. However, Ronnie, our fabulous waiter was just WAY too attentive to the birthday girl and wouldn’t let my glass of sparkling wine ever, ever go empty. Which was lovely at the time but the next morning, needless to say…aaaaaaaaaaaargh… I felt like doggy doo 🙁

And it was The Princess’ first Clamber Club lesson that morning, so I had to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed. I thought Clamber Club meant babas clambering all over fun obstacles outdoors. Who knew that it actually entails sitting on a mat while the teacher clangs and bangs pots and pans? Not ideal when you’re coping with a post birthday hangover and a 10 month old who does NOT want to sit on Mommy’s lap to clap handies. Fortunately, the head-splitting mat experience ended and we were allowed outside for coffee while the babas had free reign on another mat full of items to interest them.
All in all, my first birthday as a Mommy was great. Now to planning The Princess’ first birthday bash at the end of March…

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