A Funny from The Garden Route Mall

The Father Figure is currently in hospital in Oudtshoorn and so The Princess, her nanny and I are staying with the in-laws in George for a week while The Husband is overseas so we can visit him.


This morning, The Mother-in-Law, The Princess and I headed over to the Garden Route Mall for a morning's entertainment and some Woolies cappuccinos – as you do in George. I was pushing The Princess through the mall in her stroller, minding my own business, when I came across this sign for a shop:

But it gets better. Contrary to all logic, this is not an adult bookstore. Cum to think of it, (sorry, I could not resist) an adult bookstore would be mighty out of place in the middle of a mall in uber conservative George, sandwiched between Reggies and Clicks or something to that effect.


I mentioned this curiously named bookstore to The Mother-in-Law and she said she believed it was a religious book shop. I was about to start my blog by remarking on the crazy things one stumbles across in small towns, when I decided to Google "Cum Books Garden Route Mall". I was a bit concerned that Google would return a list of pornographic sites, but it seems my search was specific enough and eventually I found the book store's home page.


Wait for it:




I am not kidding here. Type it in yourself.


Anyway, so much for a far-flung, small town phenomenon, CUM Books/ Boeke is in fact a nationwide chain of 40 bookstores, their by-line being "Christian Family Bookstore". And no, CUM is not actually the acronym "C.U.M." – or if it once was, or is indeed supposed to be now, then this is truly not obvious from their signage or their web-site. In fact they are so very, very comfortable with their name, that the e-mail address advertised on their web-site is:


[email protected]


It's as though they want to see how many times they can say "that" word…


I mean, cum on!


Again – couldn't resist 🙂

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  1. Thanks Natalie – once again you have me laughing out loud in the open plan 🙂  i couldn't hold it at a grin once i got to the email bit…