Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Breakfast at Tasha’s

I’ve just read Truman Capote’s fabulous novella, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I picked it up while having breakfast at Nice in Parkhurst, in their gorgeous, little adjoining bookshop, where one can browse whilst waiting for one’s scrambled eggs and smoked salmon – a delightful way to spend a Saturday morning. Although The Princess did wake up just as our food arrived, which is highly unusual for her. She really is her Daddy’s girl – she absolutely LOVES restaurants. She feels so at home in them that she usually sleeps just as happily in a restaurant as she does at home in her crib. She doesn’t mind the din of coffee machines, the buzz of people, the noise of the waiters. Normally, she just sleeps. But that particular Saturday morning she woke up wanting food. Fair enough, I suppose, since we were all sitting there enjoying our breakfast baskets.

The other good thing about restaurants is that The Husband likes to show off his fathering skills. So, whilst he will generally decline the offer of a top-up feed at home, he’ll happily oblige in public. Which suits me pretty well as I get to relax while he sees to The Princess when we are out.

When The Husband is around on weekends (which is whenever he’s not cycling) we’ll venture to places like Parkhurst, but when it’s just The Princess and I during the week, she and I frequent Tasha’s, just up the road from us. The bumping along on the pavement on the way there almost always puts her to sleep and so by the time we arrive at Tasha’s she is sleeping like a little angel – mouth open, little arms up with fists in the air every time I peek under the muslin. The picture of content.

When I described to our night nurse (yes, we have one of these angels sent from heaven so we do get to sleep) how good walking to Tasha’s was for The Princess’ day sleeps, she exclaimed:

“Ah! She likes to travel!”

Yes, that’s my princess – she likes to travel, just like her Mommy and Daddy. And not unlike Holly Golightly, the fabulous female protagonist from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Tiffany’s (the magnificent New York jewellery store) is to Holly what Tasha’s is to The Princess. If I recall correctly, the book implies that one can also enjoy breakfasts, brunches and lunches at a Tiffany’s cafe adjoining the jewellery store – hence the name of the novella. Tiffany’s is where Holly goes when she wants to feel safe from the maddening, frightening, ever-changing world. Alas, Holly can’t afford a piece of jewellery from Tiffany’s but she can afford to get the store to print her calling cards. Now, Holly sees herself as a bit of a rolling stone, and so, instead of having her New York address printed on her cards, she simply puts: Holly Golightly, Travelling. Isn’t that great? What a fabulous address for a woman on the move.

Basically, if you haven’t yet read this gorgeous novella, do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. It’s a very quick, easy and entertaining read and Holly Golightly is one of the most amusing and original characters you’ll come across. To view the trailer of the movie, go to:

But back to The Princess, who really will be “travelling” soon. I am thrilled to announce that after only 8 working days, Home Affairs has managed to produce her passport! Now she can venture beyond Tasha’s and out into the world…


  1. I know, I know. I thank my lucky stars and The Husband and hug my night nurse every day – it's life-changing.