NYR Countdown

I’ve always firmly believed that actioning one’s NYR’s (New Year’s Resolutions) on 1 January is just irresponsible. Probably mainly because NYR No. 1 – i.e. Getting in Shape – on holiday, is just no fun. Although my holiday is not quite over, the fat lady is starting to sing. (‘Scuse the pun). This hit me when we landed on SA soil in Cape Town yesterday morning. And so I decided that the thing to do was to walk up Lion’s Head – being in Cape Town and intending to Get in Shape and all.

The vibe, the view, everything, was so invigorating that I started lamenting the fact that if only I lived in Cape Town I’d do this every day! Imagine! That was before The Husband reminded me that in four and half years of residing in Cape Town, I’d walked up Lion’s Head exactly once.

Oh ja. I remember now.

My No. 1 NYR became even more real when there turned out to be two models amongst our Lion’s Head group. And I don’t mean gorgeous girls who really just should have been models – I mean actual, professional schmodels. One of whom I learned is on a diet. She’d already done a round trip on foot from Vredehoek to Loop Street as a warm-up that morning and was now ascending Lion’s Head at a vicious pace. In a long-sleeved black fleece in the midday sun.

A model as my role-model? Nah, probably unhealthy and will only result in psychological trauma. Scrap that.

List of NYR’s:

1. Get in shape/ lost weight/ achieve goal weight etc etc

2. Start a business

3. Master my Mac

4. Become fluentish in Italian

5. Develop sufficient skill (and confidence) to participate in social tennis

6. Read the paper – get a Business Day subscription (and not just for the Wanted mag)

7. Quit Coke Lite

Think I’ll stop there. Problem is I’ve been Lost In Translation-style awake since 2am this morning. (Last night’s flight from Buenos Aires was Concorde-like quick – 7 hours. Hardly enough time for dinner, a movie and a decent kip.)

What to do when one is wide-eyed at 5am? I wonder if the gym’s open yet? Nope – that won’t work – middle of night snack not yet digested.

Would have begun eating plan but then realised today’s Tuesday and you can’t start a diet on a Tuesday. Duh!