Not So ‘eish’, After All

I have only recently become a football expert – it happened last week, to be precise. So I sort of forgive myself for thinking that Bafana's 3-0 loss to Uruguay was an embarrassing score. Not at all, as it turns out. 3-0 is completely respectable. Mild, even, as far as defeats go.

Ask North Korea. They just got bamboozled by Portugal: 7 goals to sweet, diddly squat. That's right – 7 whopping goals to absolutely jack all. Our 3-0 score is child's play in comparison. The Uruguayans and their Alice-Band Barbie, Diego Forlan, should be ashamed of themselves. Plus, I've just learned that in the 1970 World Cup, Uruguay beat Israel 7 goals to nil, so clearly their performance has been slipping in recent decades.

As the lowest ranked team in this World Cup, North Korea entered the competition cautiously. So cautiously, in fact, that the government decided not to air the team's first match against Brazil on live television. Instead, the match was broadcast as a recording, after the authorities deemed that their team's 1-2 loss, was fit for national viewing. However, after the team's heady, near-win in that first game, the North Korean government threw caution to the wind and aired today's match…LIVE.


In conclusion, though, not so eish for Bafana Bafana, who can regain some confidence after the annihilation of their fellow under-dogs, and who will hopefully not be tripping up any Frenchies tomorrow. The only red we wanna see tomorrow is the red face-paint on the top of our flag!

Written by: Natalie, Football Analyst (Seriously, this occupation exists in SA – they had one on E-News this evening – and who said the World Cup wasn't about sustainable job creation?)