The topic of diets and dieting is one close to my heart… or close to my thighs to be precise. And I use the ugly word DIET rather than the euphemism of “lifestyle alteration”, “making healthy choices” or “listening to my body”. Personally, when I listen to my body it says: I WANT CHUCKLES! I’ve tried hypnosis, visualisation, exercising six times a week but until I stop shoving yummy things into my pie hole, the number on the scale doesn’t budge…

I’ve created this page on my blog to list all my posts on food and dieting, for anyone in the same boat to enjoy. Here they are from most recent to oldest:

Some Home Truths About Losing that Baby Weight, 25 November 2014

One Woman’s Fat Jeans, 14 July 2014

Is Your Body Lotion Making You Fat?, 15 April 2014

Little Girls and The “F” Word, 28 February 2014

Jennilynn’s Amazing 20kg Transformation, February 2012

On Cupcakes & Frozen Custard in New York, July 2012

Man Cannot Live By Chocolate Alone, May 2012

New York, Crispy Cassava Snacks & Kit Kat Singles, February 2012

Back On The Scale, September 2011

Diet Time. Yuck, July 2011

Now I’m Fat & Old, June 2011

In Search of a Sports Scientist, June 2010






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