SandtonMommy is on Twitter

When I saw a Facebook post by my thirteen year old niece calling all her friends to “follow me!!!” I decided it was time that On Sabbatical in Sandton had a Twitter presence.

I roll my eyes at the levels of fear and intimidation that The Mother Figure experiences every time she tries to look at the latest pics of The Princess of Facebook, but I confess that I felt some of that confusion with respect to Twitter and its character restrictions in terms of names, usernames and tweets. A few years ago I caught The Mother Figure laughing uproariously at a Pieter Dirk Uys/ Evita Bezuidenhout quote which went something like “You won’t find me under Facebook or over at Twitter…” Well, I can confirm that even Tannie Evita, at her tender age, has given and can now be found on Twitter: @TannieEvita. Along with my niece’s Twitter presence, I took that as a sign that I needed to get over myself. And so, with a little help from the friendly people at the EC Mac store in Atholl Square, I managed to wrap my head around Twitter’s rules and regulations and settled on:

Twitter name: SabbaticalinSandton

Twitter username: SandtonMommy

You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter link that looks like the picture below, in the right hand column on this blog’s homepage, just under “archives” or simply clicking on this picture link below:

You can also get these blog posts straight to your Inbox via e-mail by “subscribing” to this blog. To do this, just go to the homepage and enter your e-mail address in the subscription box that looks like this: (it’s just under the big photo of The Princess at the top of the blog).

Thanks to Blair over at Blairadise for being my first Twitter follower.