Stylescoop & their Fabulous Free GHD

The Sister has a guy friend who was one of these hot, young graduates a few years ago. As a result, he got snapped up by a sh*t hot international consulting company. And guess who his first client was? GHD!!! Every girl's dream apparatus and hence dream consulting client. I would have SO loved to have a client as fabulous as GHD in my consulting days. Alas, it never happened. The point, though, is that the sh*t hot consulting company did some market research for their fabulous client. And guess what they determined? They discovered that women in the UK own approximately 1.5 GHD's on average. How mad is that?

So, how many GHD's do you own? If, like me, you own approximately zero GHD's, then I have just the solution for the two of us – and our hair. Go directly to a blog called StyleScoop (click on the link) and enter their competition to win a GHD. You either enter by liking StyleScoop's Facebook page OR, if you're a blogger you can enter by blogging about the competition – just like I'm shamelessly doing right now. Remember, this is not just any GHD – they're giving away a limited edition Iconic Eras GHD Styler. How stylish does that sound?

Anyway, before you go to StyleScoop's competition page, I need to validate my own entry by encouraging you to follow StyleScoop and GHD on Facebook and I need to direct you to StyleScoop's web-site:

I'll be back with more adventures of The Princess. She has just sprouted her very first tooth at the tender age of 3 months and 3 weeks and I suspect things are about to get interesting…