The Runaway Guy Again

So yesterday was Day 7 of Weight Watchers. Which meant it was time to be weighed. Never a pleasant experience. As promised, I arrived with my post-pedicure flop flops weighing all of 30g or something. Not wearing my 400g takkies from the week before would mean an instant weight “loss” of 0.4kg. In addition to those 400g, I am pleased to announce that I lost an additional 2kg. Now to keep up the motivation for the next 10-15kg. Dear God, that’s the equivalent of a three year old toddler that I have to lose. Deep breath. One day at a time, 100 grams at a time…

The good news is that instead of being allowed to eat 20 points worth of food per day, I get to eat 26 points per day because I am partially breastfeeding. (I never did manage to breastfeed exclusively). If I were breastfeeding exclusively, I’d get to eat a whopping 32 points! The way the points work, is that the more you weigh, the more points you get to eat, even though you have more lard to lose. I think it has something to do with the fact that the fatter you are, the more energy you burn to do the same task as a lighter person, so therefore, the more food you can metabolise. At 26 points, I am consuming the same amount of points as a person of 140kg or more! Shows how much you need to eat while you breastfeed. But also, it shows how many points I’m going to have to give up when I’m not breastfeeding. Eek! Every point is precious to me right now!

After the Weight Watchers weigh-in, I was swanning around Hyde Park in search of a skinny cappuccino fix, when I saw the man in the picture below:

Yip, none other than old David-John of “runaway” make-up fame (see poster above). You may remember him from a previous blog:

This time, however, I saw him IN THE FLESH as I walked past his make-up stand in Hyde Park. And I have to say, he is scarier in person than he is on his poster. His enormous brush cut is still very much intact and I’m pretty sure he was wearing make-up. And not just a touch of blemish stick. I’m talking about a whole faceful of the stuff. It kind of made me want to…er… run away. Haha.

Good old David-John. What would Hyde Park do without him?

Besides running into scary make-up men and counting out Weight Watchers points, The Princess and I have been pretty much holed up indoors this week. I have a nasty cold, cough etc and just as I was patting myself on the back for breastfeeding, thinking how it totally has protected my baby from all my winter ailments, The Princess started coughing. Thankfully, she is still her usual happy little self, so it can’t be too serious, but we’re heading off to the doc tomorrow anyway.

Counting the days until summer…


  1. OMG.. Je te soutiens à 1000% dans ton aventure avec Weight watchers et bienvenue dans le monde des points ! N'empêche, j'ai perdu 13kg et je suis devenue Life Gold Member il y a 2 ans mais je crois que j'aurais bien besoin d'y retourner en rentrant en Belgique… Bisous et à bas les kilos en trop !

  2. Merci, Ju. Tu me donnes de l'inspiration avec ton histoire du succes chez Weight Watchers. 13kg! C'est vraiment formidable!